APTA Launches “ChoosePT” National Opioid Awareness Campaign.

At the start of the emerging national opioid epidemic, APTA took a leadership role and unveiled a broad public relations effort to educate consumers about the opioid epidemic and urge them to choose physical therapy (#ChoosePT) to manage pain without the risks of opioids. The campaign grew to include award-winning public service announcements viewed by millions, online resources for clinicians and consumers, high-profile advertising placements including Times Square and Major League Baseball programs, and satellite media tours that connected the ChoosePT message with local news outlets across the country. In 2019, the association leveraged the power of the campaign, and rebranded its consumer brand and website from MoveForwardPT.com to ChoosePT.com. The new name was accompanied by a broadened message that promotes physical therapy as an effective approach to a wide variety of health and wellness issues, not just pain.

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