Physical Therapy Licensure Compact Launches with 10 Participating States.

Source: "Multistate Licensure Compact Set to Begin in 2018," PT in Motion, July 2017, 9(6):43.

A dream to make it possible for PTs and PTAs to practice in multiple states through a single license began to become reality when Washington became the 10th state to sign on to the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact. The system needed to reach 10 participating states in order to become operational, a goal achieved a little more than a year after the push for implementation began with Oregon as the first state to adopt compact language.

The compact allows states to enter into an arrangement under which PTs and PTAs with valid licenses in one state can practice in the participating states of their choice. The system was developed through collaboration between the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy and APTA, and by 2020 had passed the halfway point toward full state participation, with 26 states on board.

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