PT—Magazine of Physical Therapy Is Renamed PT in Motion.

Cover page of first issue of PT in Motion, October 2009.

After 16 years as PT—Magazine of Physical Therapy, APTA’s monthly magazine was ready for change. The publication had undergone a restructuring in 2000 for a more modern look to go with the new millennium and to coordinate with a new weekly web-based newsletter, PT Bulletin Online, by publishing a digest of the newsletter’s stories in each issue. But nine years later, it was again time to evolve. This time, an “extreme makeover” included a redesign, a refocusing of content, and a new name: PT in Motion. The redesign was meant to complement the content, which APTA promoted as “more of what you want and less of what you don’t.” Knowing members had limited time and ever-more competition from other communications, APTA wanted the association’s magazine to be a top choice for their attention.

Finally, the name change coincided with APTA’s new Move Forward consumer branding campaign, emphasizing motion and movement. It also shed the word “magazine” to enable “PT in Motion” as a brand to encompass more than just the print publication as APTA disseminated more information digitally and online. So, with the October 2009 issue, PT in Motion unveiled its debut issue.

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