PTA Full Vote at the Component Level Established by the House of Delegates.

In 2005 the PTA Caucus succeeded the PTA’s National Assembly and its representative body. The caucus gave PTAs better organization and representation from all chapters. It gave the ability to be more engaged and more actively involved within the profession. It also gave them a presence in the House of Delegates, where caucus representatives could make and move a motion, and speak for or against a motion on the House floor, even though they could not participate in voting.

One major achievement of the PTA Caucus was gaining a full vote for PTAs on the component level. Until then, APTA bylaws required components to limit PTAs to a half vote. The process for change began in 2012, when some of the PTA Caucus leadership met with APTA leadership. The half vote within chapters or sections was a specific area of frustration.

What resulted was the PTA Board Work Group. Comprising three PTA members, three APTA Board members, and two APTA staff members, it looked at the value of association membership to PTAs. They discussed PTAs’ concerns and brought motions to the 2015 House of Delegates to look at increasing the value of PTA membership. The House adopted a revision to the APTA bylaws to allow components to decide whether to give PTAs a full vote at that level. Having the full vote further strengthened their voice, and PTAs across the nation felt better valued.

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