The American Registry for Physical Therapy Technicians Is Created.

One issue that kept nagging at APA leaders was concern about the credentialing process. After a few failed attempts to address it, a viable solution came along. In 1935, under the guidance of John Coulter, author of the Minimum Standard for a Physical Therapy Department of a General Hospital, the American Registry of Physical Therapy Technicians (ARPTT) was created to examine the competency of physical therapists. Sponsored and controlled by the American Congress of Physical Medicine, the ARPTT took as its standard the minimum educational requirements on which APA and the AMA had previously agreed. Anyone joining APA after June 1935, regardless of prior education or experience, had to pass a written examination in order to use the term “registered” as part of her or his professional title. The registry later became known as the American Registry of Physical Therapists (ARPT).

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